Unifore VS-WH400 Draadloze bewegingsmelder Bekijk groter

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Unifore VS-WH400 Draadloze bewegingsmelder


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Hoogte in MM 106
Diepte in MM 46
Breedte in MM 62
Kijkhoek 12 meter / 110 °
Kleur Wit
Voeding DC 9V (“6F22 ”batterij)
Opslag NEE
Standbytijd backup batterij / uur 8760
Zenderbereik 100m
Laag voltage bescherming JA

Meer informatie

VS-WH400 is a compact Dual Sensor Motion detector which has been designed special for residential installation. It has features as the strong ability to catch signal, false & lost alarm is very low, low power consumption and true temperature compensation.

Equipped with professional pigmented optical lenses to resist the interference of white light, High technology, Smart manufacture, elegant appearances are all shown in our products. Its detective range is 12M, detection angel is 110 degree.

VS-WH400 is equipped  swivel bracket for ceiling, wall or corner mounting.

Upgraded PIR detector with enhanced performance
Wide angle & Long Range Detection Area
Programmable pulse count
Enhanced temperature compensation
Minimized false alarm by adopting 2 sensors
Inter-changeable lenses
Tamper function(option)
Adopted noise-free Photo Mos Relay
Optional Multi-Angle Brackets
Possible to turn on or off LED alarm indicator



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