Unifore VS-XWSJGH Draadloze Sirene Bekijk groter

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Unifore VS-XWSJGH Draadloze Sirene


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Hoogte in MM 202
Diepte in MM 70
Breedte in MM 112
Voeding AC Adapter
Garantie / jaar 2
Geluidsterkte ingebouwde sirene 110 dB
Backup batterij JA
Standbytijd backup batterij / uur 24
Sensor frequentie 433 MHz
Zenderbereik 100 meter
Laag voltage bescherming NEE

Meer informatie

This Wireless Strobe Siren/Flasher  is designed to provide an external siren and flasher facility without using the wire connection to any standard hardwired or wireless security systems.

Technical Parameters:

Single piezo sounder
Micro-computer intelligent control, prevent mis-alarm & missing alarm
With sound and light alarm
Compatible with the Wireless Alarm Host
With an accumulator as backup battery, keeps reliable working around the clock,AC/DC available. 
Operating Power: 100~240VAC
Backup Battery: Accumulator 6V,1.2AH
Alarm volume: =110dB
Product dimension:202×112×70(mm)